OCT Basic Case Examples: Part 1

This recorded lecture will take you through patient cases histories, to help you understand, by example, how to interpret OCT scans. For each case we will present and discuss the presenting signs and symptoms, the differential diagnoses, additional diagnostic tests and management including referral. The recorded lecture reviews the OCT scans in detail, explaining what features to look for in each disease and how those relate to the specific retinal pathology seen.

The cases included in this course are:

  • Case 1: 76 year old Male with Epi Retinal Membrane lamellar / pseudo macula hole
  • Case 2: 49 year old Male with Central Serous Retinopathy
  • Case 3: 78 year old Male with dry AMD and suspect Glaucoma
  • Case 4: 75 year old Female with Vitreo Macular Traction
  • Case 5: 85 year old Female with change from dry to wet AMD
  • Case 6: 68 year old Male with suspect Glaucoma
  • Case 7: 44 year old Male with narrow anterior chamber angles and referral for iridotomies
  • Case 8: 78 year old Female with Adult Vitelliform Dystrophy
  • Case 9: 76 year old Female with dry AMD, geographic atrophy and suspect Glaucoma
  • Case 10: 42 year old Male with chronic Central Serous Retinopathy with flare ups

Download the handout below, watch the lecture and take the test to earn 1 CET point.

CET Points: 1

Expiry Date: 31/12/2021


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